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Feudalism was the form of organization of society in Europe and the Near East from the 11th to the 13th century * A multi-tiered system of tenuous and mostly consensual relationships and obligations. Feudalism was one of the greatest changes in the history of Europe. This system facilitated the growth of the feudal aristocracy and of the great landowner, the lord, who in turn became the most powerful man in his domain. The word 'feudal' is derived from a German word, the word 'faida', meaning 'joint'. The word 'feudalism' is derived from the word 'fiducia' or 'fideicommissum', which means 'a pledge, or joint tenancy' in Latin. Feudalism was a system of aristocratic rule in which a warrior class, the 'feudal' nobles or 'ladies', supported the king * It involved many of the individuals being involved in military, economic and judicial functions. It used the principal of fiefs - grants of land (usually in return for military service) to lesser nobles. The nobles obtained the rights and property in the form of a duty (i.e. military service) owed to them by the superior lord, who ultimately owes his allegiance to the monarch. This arrangement, although rather unwieldy, was successful in giving the king the greatest strength in his realm and it has had far-reaching effects throughout the world. FEUDALISM AND THE GREATEST CHANGE IN HISTORY In the early years of the Middle Ages in Europe, the local lord was an unquestioned monarch, the ruler of a small fief or estate. The nobility or 'ladies' who were his tenants and vassals * Fiefs were the landed property that a lord (a 'duke' or 'count') held from a king or monarch. His obligation was to protect his land and his people. When William the Conqueror came to England in 1066, he brought the English feudal system with him and imposed it upon the Anglo-Saxon nobles, or 'lady'. BECAUSE OF ENGLAND'S IMPORTANCE IN THE CIVILIZED WORLD, THE CHANGES IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ENGLISH GOVERNMENT INTRODUCED BY THE CON




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Medieval Lords Free Download Full Version fenperf

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